A furniture company that designs and manufactures modern and contemporary furniture pieces; Owned by one of the country's top real estate developer - Cristina Decena.

Officially launched on October 2011, the company is quickly rising to a bonafide luminary status among industry leaders in home and office design.

Unknown to everyone, Muebles de Cristina has been Crisitna's partners in her real estate business for over Twenty years, after transforming each and every property into an Elegant, Classic and Chic abode, Cristina decided it was time to start her own brand. Still dedicated to providing her clients her unique design aesthetcis, MDCI only works with high-end and leathers purchased from around the world: from Germany to Italy, to Portugal, South America and Spain.


Custom made furniture

  • Sofa
  • Bed
  • Dining Table and Chairs
  • Cabinets
  • Closets
  • Kitchen Cabinets; and
  • Others

Project Design Contractor for commercial and residential.

Our products range from virtually everything to bed, bath, office, home furniture and decors. With many years of experience in the build and sell industry, we've worked not only with the best architects but also with the top designers.

Now, with only months of operation, MDCI pieces can be seen in malls and condominium complex, gaining national attention. Currently we have 3 stores but if that’s not enough were also scouting international locations to expand our brand – possibly in the U.S.

Even with its growing popularity, MDCI’s dedication in providing unparalleled client satisfaction hasn't fizzled; we start by sending out our seasoned designers right at your home up until the full installation of our products.